What do you need for your wedding

What do you need for your wedding day?

The first thing you need to do is a budget analysis. It’s very important to understand how much you want to spend. At this point you can, if you want, choose a wedding planner to be guided in your most important day. She will help you with all the organization, she will face with vendors, save you time and money and help your wedding be stress-free!


And here starts the active part of the organization: make a guest list, choose your location (a classic restaurant, a modern villa, a typical finca or a romantic wedding on the beach?), choose your wedding theme and send the invitations (remember they should be in line with your chosen theme).

At this point you can look for photographers, video makers, hair and make-up artists, florists and caterers and remember the first you book everything the less you will trouble.

Think about what kind of music you would like: A violinist? a saxophonist? a band? or you are more a dj kind of person. And what about some kind of entertainment during lunch/dinner?

Don’t forget about transportation. Your car and if necessary transportation for guests. Try to make your guests feel stress free and think about everything they could need during your wedding.

Last things you don’t need to forget are: list of people giving toasts, assignation of seatings, write your vows.

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