Wedding themes

Wedding themes! which one?

This is one of the most interesting things in a wedding. As we said before it’s important to choose a theme and try to maintain it throughout all the wedding, from the invitations to the cake.


Depending on how you and your partner are, choose a theme that fits you well, if you are a young and sparkling couple don’t choose a classic wedding but try maybe something more rustic, or a beach ceremony where you can stay barefoot. Try to find something less stiff and more fun.

There are plenty of themes to choose from: Vintage, Beach, Countryside, Boho, Luxury. Or maybe you are obsessed with the 50’s and that could be an amazing theme to make your wedding unique.

Try to find something special, that represents you and will impress your guests!

Once you decided the theme you can choose a palette of colors you think will fit well with what you chose and start looking for flowers, decorations, think about how the cake can fit the theme and obviously also the dress and the hair style should be in line. And don’t forget about the food, also the catering should follow the theme.

If you decided for a countryside wedding you should have a wide buffet with plenty of food, if you are having a luxury wedding go for finger food, very nice and orderly disposed.

Try to fit everything in the same style the result will be great!

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